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About the band

Damien Child

Damien was born in Manchester and was raised on a musical mix oF Prog rock, Glam rock, Electronica and a tonne oF Northern Soul. Having discovered a love oF perForming whilst living in South AFrica, Damien returned back to the UK and began working as an actor and singer at the grand old age oF eleven.

During a Full and varied career he provided backing vocals For a successFul novelty single which got to 13 in the charts, perFormed a lead role in Phil redmond's WaterFront Beat For the BBC, appeared in West End shows such as 'March oF the Falsettos' and 'Miss Saigon', and played a male stripper in the hit show 'Girl's Night Out'.

Over the years he has been involved in many recording projects, working with people such as Mike Stock, Matt Aitken, and James Bond composer, Monty Norman.

In 2018, aFter a Few years working behind the scenes, Damien joined Tony Lowe's ESP Project, providing lyrics and vocals For the albums, 'The Rising' and 'Phenomena' plus the EP 'Three'.

Damien lives in London with his wiFe Linzi, daughters Hatti and Maddi, two cats and a snake.

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Gary Jevon

Gary was born at an early age into a musical Family, growing up surrounded by 50s/60s rock'n'roll, country (and western), pop, rock, orchestral, and good old northern brass band music - which goes some way to explaining the eclectic tastes and inFluences today. 


He started learning music at the age oF 6, and was soon playing in kids brass bands and youth orchestras. At 11 he discovered guitars when his Dad asked him to play bass with a group oF Friends, but two years later he 'discovered' Eddie Van Halen and switched to six strings, never looking back since. 


Now based in Leeds, Gary has played in numerous projects and bands over the years in diFFerent genres and styles, covering britpop and indie in the 90s (supported by the Kaiser ChieFs - don't judge), metal in the naughties, and prog in the last 10-15 years - notably being a Founding member oF This Winter Machine and being heavily involved in the writing oF, and playing on,  their award-winning album 'The Man Who Never Was'. 


Gary's inFluences, aside From his Dad and EVH, are all called Steve: Vai, Rothery, Hackett, Harris, Wilson and Hogarth. Now that'd be a helluva band.

Greg Pringle

Greg, born in Bournemouth, started drumming at the age oF 5 having stumbled across a drum kit at a Family party. He had lessons locally until he was oFFered a specialist place at Wells Cathedral School beFore then moving onto the royal College oF Music and Drumtech. 

He grew up listening to, and playing all styles oF music including Jazz, Big-band, Classical and Samba.

It was in 2009 however where Greg established himselF as a "rock Drummer" when he played For the six month UK Theatre Tour oF Quadrophenia, under the watchFul eye oF Pete Townshend. 


Greg later toured with Simon Townshend, (One Townshend clearly wasn't enough!), Phil Spalding and Tony Lowe.

He has continued to work with both Phil and Tony on projects including Tony's ESP Project which is how Damien and Greg came to meet!

As well as rocking out on stage, he can also be Found in the world oF theatre having played For many shows including 'The Human Comedy" at the Young Vic.

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